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Masters of Terror

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Masters of Terror

Published 2003

Activist, analyst, author, syndicated talk radio host, documentarist Alex Jones exposes the men behind conspiracy, terrorism and takeover, in this crucial sequel to "911: the Road to Tyranny" (available on the Internet Archive at ).

Run time 122:19
Producer Alex Jones
Production Company
Sponsor Rick Wilson
Audio/Visual sound, color
Contact Information Media inquiries: 512-291-5750


Reviewer: splue - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 28, 2011
Subject: always interesting
always informational
Reviewer: Ramin E. - - March 31, 2008
Subject: Alex Jones - Crazy
Is Alex Jones an idiot, or does think the rest of us are idiotic enough to believe his drivel?

Just to prove he is throwing the proverbial "torus excretus" - How does he explain the fact that he is allowed to spout like this?
If he was in any way correct, he would have been silenced a long time ago.
Reviewer: Justin White - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 11, 2007
Subject: For all the people...
For all the people out there who don't believe what Alex Jones is showing you, your going to be hit the hardest when The New World Order officially goes into power. Most of the information and documents that he mentions I have seen myself and have a copy of. Such as the Operation Northwoods Document. All of you need to do your research before you start bashing this man.
Reviewer: Jeeper One Radio - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 29, 2007
Subject: You Bush-Kissers Sure Like To Follow His Majesty Off A Cliff, Don't You?

Or do you have your heads shoved so far up your asses that you'd go so far as to follow Dubya off a fuckin' cliff if he told you to do so?
Reviewer: eltatero - favorite - August 31, 2006
Subject: More blah.
Internet Archive has become the warehouse of anti-American crap.
I wonder if the people who run this site could possibly seperate conspiracy hypotheses (NOT theories) from the cool archival things people will actually want to remember in the future?
Reviewer: wake-up - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 17, 2006
Subject: you need to wake up
I find it hilarious when people dismiss people like Alex Jones out of hand, for his analysis of 9-11. An attack by the way which he predicted 4 years before it even happened!

Besides what sounds more loony?

That a corrupt political establishment allowed 9-11 to go ahead in order to further their aims for war to secure the resources in the middle east. Which the US and Europe desperately needs to get its hands on before China so that the entire economy doesnt collapse due to decades of cronyism and economic mismanagement.

Or that Osama Bin Laden and his buddies planned the whole thing in a cave, not even telling the "highjackers" (7 of which are alive and well by the way) their planned targets until the morning of september 11th! Whats more they managed to pull it off under the nose of the most powerful and well-resourced Intelligence and National Security apparatus the world has ever seen!

Ive just finished a doctorate in Political Science. Before that I studied Political History and Economics for 5 years, so take it from the expert. Not just someone who gets all his facts about the war on terror from watching 24..

The first explanation has happened time and time again, the world over from The Roman empire, through to the British one, and then on to America's "Pax Americana"

The second one is a childrens story and the only reason people believe it is because they've been told it over and over for the past 5 years as being the real story.

Ill admit its easier to believe what the BBC, CNN and FOX tell you. Its easy to go along with the crowd, to be manipulated. The reason for that is because this way you dont have to act, or think or speak out, its easy to be a slave
Reviewer: Michael Garcia - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 28, 2005
Subject: If I was American....I'ld be pissed!
Well... if I was American I would watch this.
It looks like it has real FACTS of what happened and what MAY happen in the future. It's an interesting part of history and I commend everyone to watch it - It's free!

Anyway... interesting times head!
Reviewer: r3mark - favoritefavorite - September 18, 2005
Subject: very manipulating
Mr. Alex Jones talks like a waterfall and claims that he has tons of evidence, and this the whole video long. He is simply annoying presenting news-stories (which are no facts) and not or nearly not presenting facts.

With one word: annoying
Reviewer: rebublican - favorite - September 17, 2005
Subject: :) You have to be joking...
There really aren't people as stupid as you who survived childhood are there? Darwin's law should have taken care of you morons. You must be the ones who stayed in their parents basements until their 30's so the aliens wouldn't anal probe them.
Reviewer: du2vye - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 20, 2005
Subject: Northwoods did discuss sacrificing military lives as 'terrorists'
While I may not be fond of Jones' "over the top" dramatics in his reporting style, history has proved him correct on many key accounts that would have been otherwise difficult to believe.

It's important to not get caught up with his passion, yet it's his passion that is his source for him pushing beyond the standard press release. His infiltration of Skull and Bones is one such example. He also provided hard evidence of ballot mishandling in Florida 2000.

Madison refers to the Northwoods project and it's always helpful to read the actual source material. I have and the transcripts do involve discussions (lengthy) on just how many military lives would be lost - our military. It is stunning disclosure and one that Pres. Bush attempted to block, among others. Also of particular interest is the recent release documenting the C.I.A.'s involvement with drugs, contras and Iran affair during Bush Sr. reign. That is particularly timely now.

All of these documents are freely available through the National Security Archives, and online. The Archives are not a political party, they do not seek out material one way or another. Keeping an eye on what is being released from classification leaves little wonder why Bush Jr's first action in 2000 was to extend the seal on his fathers records. Just as well documented, without passion, are the efforts of the Archive to stay within their legal boundries of declassifying documents timely due to obstructions from the Bush administration.

Without any further evidence, the truth is stained and it's not what popular press would like to see us believe. BBC has a previous documentry, "U.S.S. Liberty" where there is good reason to consider the U.S. DID sacrifice military lives in 1967 to bolster their claims for aggression.

Another very revealing BBC documentry is called the "Power of Nightmares", which was shown last year, but is not scheduled for airplay in the U.S. It will be out on DVD. I have seen it and it traces the roots of neo-conservatism back to the 50's.

This is not a passionate documentry. There is no assumption of anything other than explaining ideals and beliefs of some very key people who developed the philosphy now in power of the U.S. I hope every U.S. citizen can find a way to see it.

When the concentration camps were discovered by allied forces, they took townspeople that lived nearby to them. They still did not believe it - and accused allied forces of 'propoganda'. No one in Germany at the time believed Jews were disappearing (and that was after disabled, mentally ill, and other such "rats" as they called them).

No one knew how central the Jews were to the Nazi 'system' of power and control under recently. The National Archive is making that information available now too, under international treaty. The U.S. did give Nazi's asylum and they weren't all scientists or CIA orperatives in E. Europe. Preston Bush was also involved (banking and finances) as late as mid 1950's (that I could see).

The connection is not a minor one and if you research using British Medical Journal (full text available online) you will note that MANDITORY mental health testing has already started in test cases, is probematic, no funding for 'established testing' and nothing even mentioned about treatment.

The comparisons between Bush and Hitler become less casual everyday.
Reviewer: wearesilhouettes - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 25, 2004
Subject: are you awake or asleep???
Alex Jones, however PASSIONATE (because how could you not be when the new world order is blatently unfolding before your eyes and everyone is asleep?) is not looney. Were you paying any attention as he states all the long lists of documented reports? Government laws, papers? Actual video footage? It's only unbelieveable because it's blatent and in our face, and we assume that these kind of actions would be so so secret.. so secret we couldnt even talk about it! (kerry and bush skull and bones brothers...only 15 of those a year...and look who turns out to run for president!!) I just want to say please have an open mind! Don't pass him off just because he's excited about what he's talking about. We're not used to people who are actually excited and passionate anymore. I think he can put some people off because of his mannerisms, but the facts he states are too great. Listen to it as many times as you can until you get it. Don't give up. I don't just pass off the cameras on red lights, in stores, everywhere.... the family in florida already getting microchips because they're AFRAID! (on good morning america!) Don't succumb to FEAR, which is the easiest human emotion to play. Don't be ASLEEP! Think of the consequences of the smallest actions...
To be honest, this isn't the best alex jones video, just because of the length. Check out MATRIX of EVIL. You'll see alex isn't the only one that's gung-ho about speaking againt the NWO. Congressman Ron Paul, and others.
Reviewer: sid weiss - favorite - November 8, 2004
FEMA is already training kids as police military aids in summer camps, traning them in their 'summer's off' to track adults with bloodhounds through the woods. This is HITLER YOUTH type activity. -- They are on record of planning to have everyone head/brain ID chiped for remote tracking within 20 years [Sydney Morning Herald.] Skeptical? Then watch it and disprove it. -- Walmart supposedly has already wired a public town space in Arkansas to test its RFID in public spaces, in real time. -- Department of Defense makes kids video games where the 'enemy' are the state/local militiamen. -- NORAD is the only institution with access centrally to the 'home run' type technologies in the Boeing 757/767, which were likely used by the U.S. miltary to commandeer select 9-11 'hijack' planes from the ground.


Reviewer: glenn - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 2, 2004
Subject: conspiracy ? yes. Theory? no.
Watch the movie and decide for yourself.

I think you will find that the more you follow this thread, the more appalled you will be. None of this surprises me, personally, I have a good friend who had his house seized and was disappeared... yes I say "was disappeared" as in "they disappeared him", here, in the United States.

When you start labelling something a conspiracy theory, you are just trying to discredit it. There is nothing remotely funny in this or the previous film 911 the road to tyranny... unless you find it funny to shoot kids and police in the head during live ammo exercises with the BATF FEMA and foreign troops on American soil. Yeah, doubt it if you want. Nobody believed they were gassing jews in Germany either. I'm not calling anyone a Nazi, but look up the definition of the word fascist, and see if it doesn't seem to accurately describe the current regime in Washington DC.

Watch this or not. But who are these guys who are bagging on it... did you agree with the last review they wrote? Or do they just seem to write reviews on this particular type of film and always negative? You decide... you've probably seen my other reviews, and you've seen my posts in the forums. A lot of you have had email conversations with me. Am I a nut? Do I use logical fallacys like 'ad hominem attacks' or use 'code words' like "conspiracy theory" to ridicule a video?

You make the choice to download this or not, don't be swayed by me or anyone else. People who make up their own minds can never be slaves, people who don't, already are.
Reviewer: android8 - favorite - July 10, 2004
Subject: Godwin's law
Nice....Didn't take you long to violate Godwin's Law: "The one who first mentions or call's someone a nazi loses the argument"'s_law

On what basis are you calling Madsen a nazi? Alex that you writing under a!

Ladies and Gentlemen...Alex Jones is nothing more than a crackpot conspiracy theory nut...
Reviewer: Madsen - favorite - July 5, 2004
Subject: Childlike rhetoric and raving ramblings - real funny
First, if you're looking for a really good laugh please download this movie,- find a comfortable armchair, pop some popcorn, uncap a beer and relax,- it's a hilarious presentation of a raving loony's conspirationtheory :-) This has got to be a joke...really! Mel Brooks couldn't have done it better....


There is a rule of thumb in mysteries to ask who benefits. This is often useful, but hardly definitive. First of all, we know from mystery writers that there is often more than one suspect with a motive. Does the US government gain from 9-11? Yes. Does Israel? Yes. But what about Russia (which now has a freer hand in Chechnya)? Yes also. How about China? Yes, also, with its free hand in Xinjiang, and the far lower likelihood that the United States will try to isolate it.

If one goes through history and uncritically and mechanically applies the "who benefits?" principle, one finds it a poor guide to understanding. The tragedy of the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire (where 146 women died when their employer kept the exit locked to prevent them from taking breaks) was a great boon to the garment workers union -- should we conclude that the union was secretly behind the fire? The bombing of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, helped galvanize public opinion behind civil rights legislation. Was the bombing a plot by civil rights organizers? The Bolshevik revolution was made possible by World War I. Were the Bolsheviks secretly behind the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo in 1914? Teddy Roosevelt became president after McKinley's assassination. Was he the secret paymaster behind assassin Leon Czolgosz?

Conspiracy theorists have pointed to the Operation Northwoods document as proving that U.S. leaders were capable of 9-11. The document is a recently released top secret 1962 memorandum from the Joint Chiefs of Staff proposing the staging of attacks on U.S. targets that would appear to be coming from Cuba, as a way to justify a U.S. attack on the island. But - the Joint Chiefs didn't call for killing U.S. citizens. They did propose sinking a boatload of Cuban refugees (though we don't know whether the Joint Chiefs would have arranged for a U.S. vessel to fortuitously be on hand to pick up the refugees in the water), but with regard to the shoot down of a plane filled with U.S. college students, the plan was to switch an actual planeload of students with an "unmanned" drone that would be shot down, supposedly by Cuba. Elsewhere, Operation Northwoods proposes blowing up a U.S. ship in Guantanamo Bay in a "Remember the Maine" replay, but explicitly refers to a "non-existent crew." The document also suggests attacks on Cuban refugees in the United States "even to the extent of wounding." So if this document is supposed to show us what U.S. officials are morally capable of, it seems to suggest that they are capable of lying, deceit, conspiring to wage a war of aggression -- but not killing U.S. citizens. Moreover, as far as we can tell, the plan proposed by the Joint Chiefs was rejected by the U.S. civilian leadership.

Perhaps the most important fact to remember is that it is conspiracy THEORISTS who have carried out the worst evils. Hitlerism was based on the fantasy of a conspiratorial nature of Bolshevism , capitalism, and democracy behind which were the Jews. Conspiracy theorists plunged the world into its worst war and sent millions to crematoria.

This movie is BS....but quite funny!
Reviewer: w - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 24, 2004
Subject: chilling, promise to watch and share--Alex does this for free
Alex Jones will always spin circles around Michael Moore. This second film shows it even more.

Alex Jones has authorized free distribution of two documentaries dealing with 9-11: "911: the Road to Tyranny" and its sequel, "Masters of Terror."

This second film is perfect for any brain dead skeptics on the seriousness of this, because instead of simply Alex Jones waving at you for the most of it, it is simply video image of page after page of printed corporate media announcements, held to the camera, with a bit of introduction or summary from each. Held together here is a massive amount of research crunched into 2 hours that deserves a wider audience.

These are just 1 of at least 100 pieces that are being put in place to seal you (beginning with your children) into a police state dependency relationship:

FEMA is already training kids as police military aids in summer camps, traning them in their 'summer's off' to track adults with bloodhounds through the woods. This is HITLER YOUTH type activity. -- They are on record of planning to have everyone head/brain ID chiped for remote tracking within 20 years [Sydney Morning Herald.] Skeptical? Then watch it and disprove it. -- Walmart supposedly has already wired a public town space in Arkansas to test its RFID in public spaces, in real time. -- Department of Defense makes kids video games where the 'enemy' are the state/local militiamen. -- NORAD is the only institution with access centrally to the 'home run' type technologies in the Boeing 757/767, which were likely used by the U.S. miltary to commandeer select 9-11 'hijack' planes from the ground.

I dare you to disprove it, these are simply bits of documents. It's the plan. Your lives have been stolen from you. Getting them back means watching this film.
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